Monday, July 16, 2007

Another dying breed

On our way down to Texas, we stopped at a roadside fruit stand to buy some peaches. (They were the tastiest we'd experienced in at least 2 years – maybe 5.)

Fruit stands may be alive and well at the moment, but I'm guessing they won't keep going much longer. (At least Mr. Monroe looked like he wouldn't be around much longer.) Why do I feel there might be a possible death of fruit stands? I don't know. Maybe just this moment's pessimism.

I took a similar photo about 4 years ago in southern Illinois. That farmer had a sign on his wall that said something like, "Don't even try to use a gun on me! Mine is bigger than yours."

And here's to fruit stands lasting forever...


The Lone Beader said...

I used to always shop at the local fruit stand... until I moved to the city... The best produce is locally grown.

Marti Smith said...

Maybe it's just your pessimism brings out my optimism, but I have a hunch fruit stands are around as long as family farms and gardens are... and kids with lemonade stands. So perhaps an endangered species but not on the brink of extinction. There are LOTS of them in the part of NW Washington where my step-grandparents live.

Farmers Markets seem alive and well. Though the one near my place in H. Ranch (sic) has a lot of non-produce-oriented items!

regressivepresby said...

Ok-- I know the east coast is ahead of central time-- but I didn't know it was THAT far ahead. Its still July back here in Illinois. I thought I wouldn't be getting my dose of Paul for another two weeks.

What are you writing on?

Sweet corn this time of year rocks. Its all over this part of the country, on the roadside stands. And I picked up a huge cantaloupe from some county in Indiana that grows huge cantaloupes. Seriously, the size of a small watermelon. But still very sweet and good-- or as young master Jay might say, 'cantaloupy.'

glad you're back... my blog reading world is beginning to right itself again. All is well. Ahhh...


I Was Just Thinking.... said...

I'm with dm - I've been anticipating August and the return of Nairobi, er, Colorado Paul. Lo and behold he's been writing for weeks, with no notification to his faithful subscribers! What gives!
Yeah, we have a couple fresh produce stands but nothing you would think for living in the rural heart of America. But I think they will be making a comeback - just intuition talking.

Bob said...

... and then there's here in the UK where 'fresh' & 'fruit' are rarely used in the same sentence!

And like the swashbucklers say, "for a buck-an-ear" you can these little (10 cm) cobs of cow corn to put on your bar-b-q and pretend ... ;-)

Yes, friends --- please DO enjoy on behalf of those of us who can't stop at the local farmer's market or produce stand and enjoy the fruits of summer (for however long it lasts).


Jenny said...

Fruit and vegetables taste the best from these roadside stalls!