Monday, February 18, 2008

How to make coffee

If you use a coffee press (cafetiere), you need to stir up the grounds well, with a plastic spoon, before you put the plunger in place. Then wait 5 minutes before pressing the plunger.

Very important (if you like coffee).


Marti said...

Ah, a tip from the master! A few years ago I made some improvements in my tea-brewing process, when a particular friend seemed aghast at my just-put-a-cup-in-the-microwave method. Little things can make a big difference.

The Gyrovague said...

Dont forget to leave the plunger sitting on top for that 5 minutes. It will lock in the steam and the heat that would normally be lost. When you do that you release more of the good stuff from the beans because they have had more heat.

I pitched the drip coffee maker a few years ago and only use the press. I would never go back.

Jenny said...

Why a plastic spoon. I always stir mine, but with a regular metal one.