Monday, February 04, 2008

Life in a war zone

We have many friends in Nairobi.

A Nairobi blogger (Africa Expat Wife) sums up how you just get on with life: I guess that coping with the trauma of the past few weeks is all part and parcel of being an expat in a developing country. One friend of mine lived in Ivory Coast during a coup, another in Malawi when things blew up there. Most of the time it’s fabulous living as an expat in Africa, but occasionally it can be ugly and that is the challenge.

Life in Kenya is definitely tougher for everyone now than it was before the election. Many of our friends have reported not being able to sleep as easily. Of course that pales in comparison to many who have lost their homes, livelihoods and loved ones.

I borrowed this image from Africa Expat Wife to show you that Kenyans are helping Kenyans through this crisis. (It seems that all one can see in the news reports is violence, and I wanted to show the other more hopeful side.) It is a pile of donations to the Red Cross to help those who are in need, in front of the most affluent branch of the Nakumatt supermarket chain.

And for an account of someone who left Kenya, go here. And pray.

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