Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kenya update, mid-Febrary

A friend wrote this recently, and I thought I'd share it with you...

There are indicators that all is still not well underlyingly, but we feel the Lord is working and waiting for believers in particular to see their responses to their "enemies" need to change. One really wonderful thing, among several signs the Church is responding is the fact that not 5 but 150 pastors from Nairobi have been fasting and praying for nearly three weeks. They plan to go out to the five most affected cities in Kenya for the entire month of March, teaching pastors, especially, from the New Testament such topics as: What is our identity as believers? What is a godly response to our "enemies?" What did Jesus and Paul teach about love and forgiveness? What ministry (i.e., reconciliation) do believers have to the rest of the world? Oscar Mureithi, their leader, says, "Without the Word of God, Africa will never change." We’re convinced he’s right!

(The photo is Oscar. He was our pastor in Nairobi from 1991-1994.)

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