Monday, March 03, 2008

Bad plane instructions

I'm used to seeing illustrations for the "what to do when the plane crashes" instruction cards. Well, this time the card had the worst illustrations (photos, actually). I almost thought it was a parody.

If you double-click the image, you can see the amazing detail - the flight attendant is pushing the man down the chute. The man looks halfway like he is having childish fun on a slide and halfway like he is plunging to his death.

(Apologies for the image quality; I only had my digital camera to capture the fun.)


jasonjyee said...

for what it's worth: If you ever need to use the inflatable slide to exit the plane, do not land on it feet first as the man in the demo. Your rubber soled shoes will catch and cause you to tumble. It's best to kick your feet straight out and land on your bum so you slide.

my favorites (and the ones i happen to see most often):

Julie Layne said...

I'm mostly puzzled by the comment about the color of the slide. Dude, are you going to stop and check the color on your way out? Hehe!

Anonymous said...