Monday, March 31, 2008

The Denver Auto Show

On Saturday, Jay & I went to the Denver Auto Show. It was great!

So here are some of our visual highlights.

Jay is next to a BMW X6 - which hasn't hit the streets yet.

The swoopy sports car is a Ford concept car that will never hit the streets. (Ford had the most concept cars at the show by far.)

The funky bank-vault thing was by Ford too. It was about the size of a Scion xB. Note the combination lock to enter the vehicle. (The designers were having fun!)

Why the King Ranch logo? It was fun to sit in a gigantic pickup that I would normally never like to be seen in.

The only very sad thing was that our friend John couldn't join us. (Alas, he lives in Germany now, where he gets to see cool cars every day.) We invited Jason, but he had a birthday party to attend.


Jon said...

I've driven through the King ranch in Texas, though not in any kind of pickup. twas fun to see this logo. and to wave.

The Lone Beader said...

The 'swoopy' car is the 2nd one, right? That one is so very cool! I'd like to see more photos of that!

Paul Merrill said...

Sorry! That was the only shot I got...

Anonymous said...

This is John, who lives in Germany. I really missed going to the DAS this year. I didn't make it to the Geneva one either last month. Although Ford is doing some more or less forward thinking these days, we must remember they are still Ford. Until they consistently make reliable vehicles I can't share Paul's joy.