Friday, December 12, 2008

I can't smell

anosmiaI have the condition called "Anosmia". It's a blessing to enter a public restroom and not experience the wave of smell that hits most people. But then when my wife puts on some lovely perfume, I am blind to that thrill.

Here's an account of the condition.

I'm not totally nose-blind. Some days I can see light or dark. How did it happen? I had a really bad sinus infection when I was about ten. That was the end of smells for me.

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edpugh said...

Sorry to hear that. I can appreciate a little of the experience. I didn't have much smell for many years, got operated on a few years back to remove polyps (which will come back, I think), and now I use a nose spray each day. Haven't got normal smell, but I'm grateful for the amount I've got. Hope they can find a remedy for your condition.