Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Texas pride

childress texasSo yes, we went to Texas for Christmas. My mom, brother, one sister and a niece live there.

Texas is different than Colorado. We all know that. One huge way it is different than most places is what I call "Texas Nationalism". Many true Texans believe that Texas is the finest place on the planet. I may not totally agree, but it is certainly good to like where you live - and take pride in it. (One Texas anti-littering campaign a while back capitalized on that - something about how since a Texan takes such pride in their state, they should keep it clean.)

Evidence of Texas pride is seen in how frequently the state outline is displayed - VERY. And the Lone Star. Everywhere. (Part of this is the distinctive shape of the state, which easily becomes part of signage and all manner of logos. However, Colorado's state outline, the rectangle, is featured on all its street signs.)


jasonjyee said...

The Dec 2008 issue of 5280 Magazine had a great article on the animosity between Coloradans and Texans... unfortunately it's not online... so i may have to scan it and post it.

Shane said...

That last line is pretty funny, Paul. Thanks.

Marti said...

Long live the rectangle!