Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's worth the time

This little hole was bugging me. It bugged me for over a year. I finally spent five minutes and filled it in.

If I had done the job that when the hole first started bugging me, I would have saved countless little bugging thoughts. But I waited till I got around to it.

What little job have you been postponing - that if you just did it, you would make your life nicer? Don't even respond to this post - take that time to do that little job.


Journeyman said...

Read this and thought of you:

Fiat to sell Diesel-branded 500 model online only
by Jennifer Whitehead, Brand Republic, 08-Dec-08, 12:20
LONDON - Fiat has teamed up with the fashion label Diesel to launch a limited edition of its new Fiat 500, being sold solely via the internet.

Paul Merrill said...

Very cool car - wish they sold it on this side of the pond.

I am amused by the fact that it probably does not run on diesel fuel. (It should!)

richies said...

I can't count the times I have invested so much more time in fretting about something that the time it took to fix it.

An Arkie's Musings

R. said...

Hi back. Are you a current or former Wycliffe staff person or just pro-Wycliffe?

Journeyman said...

Couldn't agree more.