Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Appreciation of niceness

Sunday afternoon we went for a family walk along a very posh section of The Highline Canal. That's a trail that runs through Denver and its suburbs. We love walking or riding our bikes along various sections as a refreshing exercise and change of pace from normal life.

This particular portion has homes with 5+ acre lots and views like this shot I took. I would put forward the thought that we appreciate that view more than some who live in those homes do. Why? We don't see it every day.

I don't say this to put those home owners down. Many have worked very hard to get to that pinnacle of achievement. And I wouldn't want to trade places... vacuuming alone would take the better part of one day each week.

Taking my idea to its extreme would mean choosing to live in the worst possible place so you could appreciate a few occasional moments of pleasure. So instead, do everything in balance. But you know that already.


richies said...

I still miss the beauty of the front range.

An Arkie's Musings

chris t. said...

wow...that image is a stunning change from the sloppy dirty-snow existence we're living in minneapolis right now. i would rather be living in a tent in that shot than a mansion on a mud puddle!

It's Just Me said...

Yes, but those people aren't doing their own vacuuming I am sure.

I agree with you. Having more can mean you appreciate less.