Friday, February 06, 2009

Average shoes

I had the rare thrill recently of buying a new pair of shoes. Puma. (On sale, of course.) I found out that this is their 60th anniversary. Even though they have been around for a long while, Puma has re-done themselves to appeal to Gen X and Gen Y by producing an ever-changing line with extremely varied styles and colors. (Good job, Puma!)

I was amused by this little note on the box: "Average contents: 2".

Was that a joke? Do people buy shoes without checking to see if there is a left and right in the box? What's your take on this?


Hannah said...

i love this. in a way the "average contents" seems very malaysian. i would assume that "special contents" means there's more than one pair of shoes in the box. it's the dream box of shoes :)

richies said...

As long as things "average" out it will be OK. Maybe they came up with the number by counting all of their shoes and dividing it by the number of boxes.

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The Lone Beader said...

"Do people buy shoes without checking to see if there is a left and right in the box?"

Apparently, they do because most stores even check to make sure you have both a right and a left of the same size.

Paul Morriss said...

If that was in the EU then I would have thought it was some sort of crazy directive whereby you always have to specify average contents.

However as it's the US it may just be a joke. Or covering their back if they accidently miss one out so they don't get sued.

Elizabeth said...

Average contents? Hmm... I wonder if the 2 is related to the "Average contents" or is it something separate?

I like this alot. We are a funny world!

hayes said...

Just discussing this at the moment on twitter, having photographed a Puma box on Saturday.

Having subsequently seen Puma has won several awards for its packaging, I'm inclined to believe it's meant as a joke.