Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheap coffee and trains

Chock Full O' NutsI took a train from Washington DC to New York City when I was in elementary school. The fun was intense enough to make it a very memorable experience, even these thousands of year later. We visited the UN, took a bus through Times Square - and just the train ride alone was great. It was a also a wonderful time with just my dad.

Cheap coffee? Well, my parents drank a lot of Chock full o' Nuts coffee when I was a kid. And I was amazed to see Chock full o' Nuts coffee shops on many corners when that bus zoomed through New York City. (Long before today, the vast majority must have have been replaced with Starbucks. Apparently there are still four left.)

Safeway had a sale on Chock full o' Nuts recently - $6 for a big tin that normally costs $12. I couldn't resist the opportunity to cut my better coffee with that for nostalgia's sake - and for budget's sake. The report? The blend is not bad. Way better than Folger's or its kin.

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It's Just Me said...

Just dancing through your blog. This post reminds me of the movie Bucket List and Morgan Freeman's character drinking the chock full o' nuts.

Sometimes cheap coffee can be good coffee especially when it stirs up memories of loved ones.