Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Denny's Superbowl Giveaway

free dennysDenny's ran an ad during the Superbowl touting a free Grand Slam breakfast on Tuesday.

Heather and I decided to check it out. I knew the line would be long - but not quite this long. We were just about to leave when Heather said we should ask how long the wait was. So as we were walking to restaurant entrance, I asked a lady who was leaving how long the wait was. She said "About 45 minutes" and then told us we could get a rain check from the checkout counter. We went there and were given five coupons for free breakfasts, even though there were just two of us!

That whole experience left us with very good feelings for Denny's.


chris t. said...

This is hilarious! When it hit twitter, we were gonna take a pilgrimage from work. I had no idea it would be a national event. Wonder how many other restaurants will follow?

Paul Merrill said...

It's a great idea - I think all national restaurant chains should follow.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah but will that Grand Slam taste as good on a day when you KNOW already that the Steelers won? I doubt it.