Friday, January 30, 2009

The 1-second ad

You gotta go here.

I guarantee these will be the most talked-about ads on Superbowl Sunday.

Special thanks to Chris for pointing me there.

Update: I was wrong - no splash at all. I watched most of the Superbowl and only saw one of the 1-second ads. There is not much way for them to make an impact with just one tiny ad! (Did anyone else out there see any more than one?)


Julie said...

Thanks, Paul. We can watch Super Bowl, but we always miss the great ads. fun to see even before the game!

Hannah said...

apparently the computer can recognize that i'm not 21 or above so they directed me to the "cool place for teens to find info on alcohol and resisting from peer pressure" funn.
its a treat if we'll get the super bowl at all here, and i know that we won't get the ads. that's why there's youtube. :)