Monday, January 26, 2009

Wasted space

taco bellDunno if you have been to Taco Bell in the last year or so. They have a "feel good" micro-campaign on their hot sauce packets - cute little phrases in that space.

This particular phrase always bothers me - I think they should use that little area for advertising. I'd suggest they sell that space to companies for putting only a website address. (I'll take 5% of the profits for coming up with the idea.)

I guess it's a Monk-like trait I have - wanting to optimize everything. I do get offended by advertising appearing everywhere, so I'm not sure why I am OK with it appearing on Taco Bell packets.

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Jay said...

Hmmmm.... I am ALL FOR advertising on the Taco bell packet, and anywhere else people can advertise for that matter. As long as their advertisements are ligit, of course. Of course, I work in marketing, so I have to think that :)

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