Monday, January 12, 2009

The Willie Nelson Museum

If you are driving from Dallas to Austin (or points south), you will pass the Willie Nelson Museum. You may not even know it - there are no signs letting you know of its existence. So, my traveler's tip - if you reach Carl's Corner, exit. Tip number two - fill up with fuel elsewhere.

My kids knew Willie from his appearance on the TV show "Monk". I knew Willie from living in Texas for 14 years.

So - the museum is not very exciting, but the price is right (free). And the restrooms are clean. My brother asked the sales clerk if she got tired of hearing Willie Nelson. She said that his songs were never repeated there, because he has so many albums. She didn't really address the issue of whether she was tired of his music.

Willie staged one of his early "Farm Aid" concerts at Carl's Corner maybe ten or fifteen years ago.

The guy to the left of Willie? That's Carl, looking like a character out of "King of the Hill". (The painting is on the floor.) The album shown? Willie pays homage to an herb he loves so well. I can't say that I have heard the album, or that I'm sorry I haven't.

The dancing frogs? Carl bought them from the Dallas nightclub "Tango" back in the early 80s. He displayed them on the roof of his complex for a few years. Now they are dancing in obscurity - almost around the back of the building.


Shilingi-Moja said...

I'll put this on my list of 1,000,001 things to do before I die -- my own, personal bucket list. And, guess which position it will grace?

Thanks for the warning, Paul. :-D

PS. The word verification for this comment is "sume". Looks like Blogger is out to get you, asking someone to file a claim against you for this post ("Sue me"). :-D

The Lone Beader said...

Wow cool! I like Willie. I have worked his concert a couple of times. It's always great to see the Hell's Angels show up! :D