Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm from a different era

When I was a kid...

Actually, when I was a young adult, advertising for hospitals and doctors and lawyers was not permitted.

I miss those days.


Marti Smith said...

Really, they couldn't advertise? IU didn't know that.

I was driving down this same street recently and thinking, if I couldn't read or read English, and I needed a hospital, it would be hard to fine one. America is NOT friendly to newcomers in this respect. We assume English literacy and do little for those who don't have it.

The little cross MIGHT suggest that's what 'Adventist' is, but it would be pretty easy to miss it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, hoping you can give me a hand. My sons have a "foster" brother in kenya. His name is Juma and he is 4. We can send money to the organization that sponsors him, but gifts are limited to flat items that can fit in envelopes. We've exhausted the stickers, coloring books, and even found flat(!) crayons. I would like to buy him some books, in Swahili, of course. Do you think these may be something he and his family would enjoy?

Thank you for your help. Terry Winthrop

Jenny said...

Hi. I have been reading your blog. I have not been able to comment as my computer won't let me use the comment form at the moment - major probs. Am at a friend's computer at the moment.
I have been enjoying stopping by.

Paul Merrill said...

Hi Terry.

Depending on where your kids' foster friend is, Swahili books may or may not be of use. If he is in Nairobi, go for it. If out in a rural part of Kenya, he may not read or speak Swahili. (You could ask...)

gracie said...

hmmm.. the 'valet parking' looks very pretentious to an Australian!! hehe. Actually, I trained as an RN, then later a chaplain, at an Adventist Hospital in Sydney (no valet parking but great signage!)