Thursday, August 16, 2007

Not in Nairobi, part 2

At least three of Nairobi's excellent Java House restaurants have free wifi. However, there is no MacDonalds.

(Many who are not from Kenya rejoice at this fact - but most American parents who live there wish Nairobi had at least one or two MacDonalds. And guaranteed 9 out of 10 American parents from Kenya visit MacDonalds at least once during the first week after they touch down in the land of WalMart.)


regressivepresby said...

yesterday afternoon it was about 104 here, the local Java Hut was closed (it closes at 2pm). I was desperate for an iced coffee. It would be too much work to go home and make one for myself, too much time. I went to McD's and had an iced coffee. Gotta admit, it was as good as Starbucks, and about 1/2 the cost.


The Lone Beader said...

I boycott McD's... and WAlMart...

edpugh said...

It was funny when I came over to America to visit you. I usually feel guilty when I travel abroad and go to a McDonald's instead of a 'local' restaurant, but I didn't need to feel that way when I stepped into one in the US.

Now you're going to enlighten me on true local American food – Buffalo steaks with baked beans, washed down with alcoholic root beer?