Sunday, August 12, 2007

We are really back in America

We went to the Rockies game last night. It was great!

Grandpa (Heather's dad) is a big sports fan. We all love baseball and had been looking forward to this night for the last two years.

To make the experience even more fun, the Rockies completely wiped out the Cubs. The final score was 15-2.


chris said...


glad to find you here and to see that this part of your world is as cool as kenya! i was worried it might be the subject matter, not the subject! (haha.)

i love baseball, too. way before keith richards, rod carew was my first obsession (and dennis wilson, the messed up beach boy...i was conflicted even at the age of 9!)

anyway, good to have you back, virtually, i mean. i'm getting back to my blog too so don't delete me just yet!


regressivepresby said...

Ok-- I'm thinking it, so I'm gonna say it. Ben and Heather are complete twins.


Rob said...

Taking in a good game is something I miss. It was always fun get out to Brewers games, especially in the new stadium.