Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Going through the treasures, part 3: Knowledge Lost

I would have no idea how to do any of this now. (Y can double-click the image to see it a little bigger.)

This is from some homework during my senior year of high school. Calculus.

All through high school, I thought I was going to be an engineer, because that was what my brother was studying in college (and went on to be, in the Air Force). About half-way through my freshman year in college, I realized that I never did enjoy all that math and science very much. So I stayed in the art program. Graphic design was the only way I could figure how to make a living at art*. So that stuck. And I'm still doing it, more than 25 years later. (I have had some excursions into different disciplines during that time.)

*My art school did offer a degree in interior design - which is possible to make a living at. But it seemed like the only people in that program were cheerleaders and men who had, shall we say, different persuasions than me. I had no desire to spend more than four years hanging out in that department.


TheElementary said...

Those are precious papers to hang onto. makes de-cluttering so hard :) I keep thinking of the 'kids' and how I'd like to show them this or that. When they get here. But I don't want to hang on to papers for years.


Jenny said...

Uuugghhh. Calculus meant nothing to me. It fills me with horror.