Friday, May 16, 2008

SkyMall amazingness, part 2

I was amused by this waterproof mp3 player. My thoughts are: isn't it nice to have a few moments of quiet? Wouldn't it be good to use the swimming time to just let your head rest a bit?

And the 10-minute marinade device for $150. They say time is money, but unless you do tons of marinading, that's a lot to spend. And of course I'm skeptical about how well a marinade could "take" in just 10 minutes.

Finally, my favorite pick - the tailgate party chairs. I'm thinking the weight limit of 250 lbs. per chair might not be enough. For $200, though, how much easier would it be to throw some folding camp chairs in the back of your pickup and have a lot more left over for party consumables?

(Here's the first post in this series, for those of you who missed it.)

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Orrange said...

i get your point but I have a waterproof mp3 ( actually my ipod with an otter box) b/c I swim for long distances. I usually start without the music for the first mile or so but after 32 laps, I've thought through a lot, prayed and am usually getting bored. That's when the music really helps me keep swimming for another 1/2 mile (and hopefully soon..another mile)

so yes the quite is nice, I love the peacefulness of swimming, but pro swimmers swim for HOURS each day... I'd like a little music to drown out the screaming of my muscles!