Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The May Natural History Museum of the Tropics

Museum of Space ExplorationOld Colorado PostcardYes, the May Natural History Museum of the Tropics is in my part of Colorado. (Well, not really; it's about 80 miles from where we live. It's south of Colorado Springs.)

Over the weekend, we went camping one night at the Golden Eagle Ranch R.V. Park. On the same property is the previously mentioned May Museum, as well as the May Museum of Space Exploration. Where else in the universe can you visit two such museums in a forested mountain glen?

As you can tell, the museums have seen better days. Mr. May, bless his heart, died last November at the age of 96. His twin daughters (71) run the museums and campgrounds. They are both truly nice ladies. One of his granddaughters was using the backhoe on the day we checked out.

Mr. May was not limited by anything. Why not open your own museum of the tropics - thousands of miles away?

The gift shop had these lovely matted prints for sale, at $1 each! The postcards were less than that. They weren't modern prints, but were original cards from the 60s. Alas, I only captured them in pixels. (Such is the extent of my non-collector-ness these days.)

Finally, after we finished our morning hike, we had 50c drinks from the not-quite-working 7-Up machine. Great!

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scott davidson said...

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