Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool page, cool watch

swatchswatch blackino I love watches. Must be the design thing.

Funny enough, I don't normally wear one. I like having that unencumbered feeling. Plus, I am always close to a clock, as you saw from my previous post.

I own one Swatch. I bought it in 1996, I think. It still works. I like Swatches. So I went to their site recently, and I navigated around enough to see a page where you can see all the watches they currently sell. If you click on each individual watch, it shows you a larger view. Very cool.

This particular watch I featured here is from their summer collection. Sadly, it won't be a part of my summer collection. (My summer collection consists of some good memories, so far. And the memories have little to do with time - or watches.)

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