Monday, July 07, 2008

Pretty cool!

trek limeI "test drove" a really cool bike recently - the Trek Lime.

It has a 3-speed automatic transmission! There are interchangeable "inserts" so that you can change the look of it (like the Smart Car with its changeable body panels, only on a much smaller scale).

It has a computer-controlled servo that senses when you need to change gears, and it does it for you - well. "It works kind of like the automatic transmission in your aunt Edna's Buick." (That's how Trek puts it.) It also features a "trunk" under the seat, to put your cell phone or wallet.

Alas, it costs about $600 - a little out of my range.

Photo courtesy of the Trek Lime website.


Shilingi-Moja said...

If I put my cell phone or wallet in the trunk of this bike, I'm absolutely sure I would forget them and leave them there! :-D

The Lone Beader said...

Cool that it has a trunk! LOL

Sven said...

Hi Paul, thanks for the B-deh card!

no mud catchers, no lights, no reflectors on the wheels and no front break? and 600 dollars? if you drove it here, you might get a fine on top of that if you have a bad day ;)I wonder if you'll take baby strollers out on test drives when you become a grandfather? maybe by then they'll have motorised ones (like scooters) have you taken Jay's scooter on a test-ride?
have a wonder-full day! Sven