Friday, July 25, 2008

I was in heaven. Heather wasn't.

white castleWe are safely back in our suburban home in Colorado. Over the next few posts, I'll give you some of the highlights of our family vacation.

We traveled 5,672 miles in the family minivan. That wasn't a highlight. But one of the joys of travel is enjoying food that isn't available in your home area. White Castle hamburgers are near the top of my list. You can't get any in Colorado.

They are lovingly referred to as "sliders" - because they are so greasy that they slide down your throat (or something like that). I know they'll take a few years off my life, in terms of cholesterol poisoning, but I love that taste.

By the way, they are available in your grocery store freezer, all over the country (or at least in most places) - but those just aren't the same as fresh hot ones.

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