Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th - a new WalMart logo

What could be more American than WalMart? Yes, it's the best and worst of American, all rolled into one place. (Well, maybe not much of the best...)

So yes, they came up with a new logo. I like it much better than the old. I'm not sure when it will replace the old one - all over America.

Buy-N-Large? Well, you gotta see Wall-E.


The Lone Beader said...

Boycotting that place is the best thing anyone can do for America...

Have a happy 4th! :D

Jenny said...

One day I am going to visit America, and WalMart, to see what all the fuss is about.
I think that I will take the kids to see Wall-E in the holidays - which begin today...yay!

Shilingi-Moja said...

Jenny, plan on spending about 5 minutes seeing WalMart than spend the majority of your time seeing all the great stuff and meeting all the great people (avoid the weirdos) who make up America. I posted some pictures of the better parts of America on my blog today.

Worst of WalMart? Trying to find a checkout line where I won't spend as much time in line as I did driving to WalMart, shopping, and driving home all together!!

Dave Moody said...

To make my necessary trips to Walmart palatable I began playing a game a few months back. It's called: What's not on the shelves today at Walmart. Typically (9 times out of ten, though I really don't have the statistics to prove it) with each shopping trip there's at least one item on my list which isn't on the shelf. The best so far, which was my latest was when Ian and I went in for his eye check-up at 4pm, the part of the store closes at 5pm. The doctor left early that day. No eye check-up on the shelf at WM!

The Gyrovague said...

I gotta say, Wall E was a disappointment. The worldview is not even subtle anymore, they just flat out indoctrinate.

I agree we need to preserve earth, and we sometimes technologically engage ourselves to much, but that was just over the top environmentalist propaganda at its worst.

I was disappointed, I do not say that much about Disney movies.