Monday, July 14, 2008

More money than sense, part 4

This lovely guitar sells for about $15,000.

It's not the guitar you're buying - but rather the signatures on it - a bunch of rock legends signed the guitar.

I must ask the question - what good does it do to hang that guitar in a case on your living room wall? Could that $15,000 be better spent elsewhere?

Finally, if you are the one who does want to buy it, here's the site. (Prices are not listed there; I had to call to find out - for your benefit, dear reader.)


Hannah said...

Just like what we say whenever we see a Mini Cooper, "If someone gave it to me, I'd take it."

jasonjyee said...

What good would it do to hang a bargain priced $15,000 original Monet on the wall? I think that anyone interested in the guitar would likely consider it art and not just a mere Gibson ES-335 with people's names on it... so i'd argue that it's neither the guiar, nor the signatures on it that you're buying, but something more than the sum of the parts, in the same way a fine painting is more than paint and canvas - it's art, it's inspiration to those who see it, it's history.

could it be better spent elsewhere? maybe. but what if the buyer owned a music school or conservatory and that guitar inspired hundreds of children to pursue musical excellence... what if it only inspired one person to acheive musical greatness? would it be worth it?

I'm not saying the price is justifiable for everyone, but neither would I say that purchasing such things is a complete waste.

TheElementary said...

"Could that $15,000 be better spent elsewhere?"
I would say yes, it could. It doesn't cost that much money to inspire creativity, nor to browse art, nor to look at a beautiful thing.
And dare I say some things are more important than art?
Still: the person who bought it might only be spending a minimal percent of their savings on it, so it might equate to an ordinary soul buying an expensive television, comparatively speaking.
However, I have to answer as myself, and so I would say that I could never, never do something like that and I don't mean with a guitar, I mean with anything so expensive that I can only look at.