Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Excess, part 372

watch winderThis is another culling from the amazing Skymall catalog.

This particular treasure is for people who have so many expensive self-winding watches that they can't keep them wound. The machine does it for you. It gently simulates the motions of your wrist.

My point is, if you buy one, you should wear it! Oh, let's see, today, should I wear the platinum Rolex, the leather strap Breitling, the Chopard dual-dial, or the IWC Spitfire?

I dunno. Maybe that guy needs to have the rarely-used IWC ready at a moment's notice to make just the right impression on that important client. But if he were really secure in himself, he'd be OK wearing a decent Casio. If Steve Jobs wore a Casio instead of a Breitling, would he sell fewer Macs? No.

An analogue might be the person who hires a dog walker because he doesn't want to walk the dog himself. Poor doggie. (Me, I just have the kids walk the dog.)

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