Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Starbucks - great customer service

starbucks cardYes, it's true. I like that multi-national corporation that is - in some people's eyes - as bad as WalMart.

You see, my Starbucks card went missing. (It's the card that you load up with credit from another account. The reason for me to have it is getting free refills.) So I called, talked to a human - after listening to maybe only two non-human menu entries - and they sent me out a new card with the credit I had on the old card - about $8. They spent more than that to keep my loyalty.

I go there to have a cup with a buddy only about once a week. But that free refill of mighty fine coffee is worth it!

(It turned out that I had put the missing card in a backpack that I rarely use. Sigh.)


The Lone Beader said...

You're right, I boycott Starbucks too. But, it's only because I don't drink coffee!

Marti said...

I don't seek out Starbucks over and above the smaller shops but I don't oppose the company on the whole either - maybe because I remember when they WERE the small, hometown business; I grew up in Seattle.

Here's something I just learned. Starbucks has had wireless for a long time, but you've had to pay for it. Now it's semi-free; you have to register (and use) your Starbucks card to use it, but if you were planning to be there anyway, it's a good setup.