Friday, September 12, 2008

Self expression

bumper stickersI have always wondered why liberals are more liberal with their bumper stickers than conservatives are.

Any thoughts?


I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Dave hates the idea of bumper stickers because they make they car look trashy. I like, one or two, to express myself. We have an apple stick - discreet - on the side and feminists for life. It says enough.

Julie Layne said...

I'm not sure I ever noticed. What I tend to notice are the ones that offend me--conservative or liberal. The rest are just noise. Sometimes I notice the funny ones, too.

Maybe liberals tend to be environmentalists, thus drive economy cars for longer, so they don't mind the stickers on the unshiny, not-so-new car. But that would be a pretty stereotyped assumption on my part. :)

Or maybe they're just college students. Heh. Ryan's got a whole load on his car.

richies said...

I hate all bumper stickers. If you have an opinion, talk to me personally. I do autobody and paint, and bumper stickers are very hard to get off without ruining the paint. The liberal vs. conservative bumper stickers might depend on where you live. I see 100 conservative bumper stickers to each liberal one. Maybe the liberals are just afrain of the pro gun crowd.