Friday, September 05, 2008

Saying good-bye again

espresso potAs Heather has been clearing out her parents' house, we have been striving to prevent our kids from having the same struggles like: "What do I do with this?" In other words, we have been going through some of our stuff too.

I bought this lovely espresso pot at a thrift shop in our former hometown of Thame, Oxfordshire, England. At the time, I was enamored of all things coffee. So I tried cooking espresso. It's nice. But it's just too much hassle to do it very often. And it was taking up cupboard space. I thought that if the last time I cooked a pot was more than five years ago, I could not justify keeping the thing.

So it's gone. Sold via Amazon - and hopefully will be loved by its new owner in California.

1 comment:

The Lone Beader said...

Well, you could've made use of it some other way! ...I would not have gotten rid of such a funky pot! :D