Sunday, September 21, 2008


smileSo, it's after midnight and I couldn't get to sleep, because I went to pick up my son after his homecoming event. (His phone call happened after I had drifted nicely off to sleep. But I was very happy to pick him up and hear of his evening.)

So I'm up reading some stuff on the internet. I came across this. Highly worth your time.

One quote: "We make progress when we wrestle- with God, with our friends (and enemies) and with ourselves."

And here's another great post.

A sample of other stuff from that guy's blog:

"Since we arrived, our staples of life have consisted of:
- peanut butter and banana sandwiches
- plain yogurt with Smuckers blueberry preserves
- Sabrett hot dogs with mustard on slices of white bread
- pasta with melted pieces of cheese
- store-bought chocolate cookies of some sort"

Finally, go here.

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