Friday, October 31, 2008

About praying

A little action I have done over the years is to use objects to remind me to pray for people I know.

This little guy's head was part of a carving of a man playing a cello that my uncle carved. The kids destroyed the rest of him, during various kid-like throwings of balls across the living room, etc. But we decided to keep his head, rather than throw that away with the pieces that remained.

Recently, I stuck him to the inside of our medicine cabinet in the half-bath that Heather and I share. So now whenever I see him, I try to pray for my uncle and aunt. He had a stroke not long ago. She has lots of arthritis-related problems. So this little guy tells me to pray for them.


richies said...

Prayer is an awesome thing. We have covered our refrigerator with pictures of people we pray for.

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Jenny said...

Great idea.