Monday, October 20, 2008

Saw the MacBooks

apple storeYes, I went to my nearby Apple Store - 3.8 miles, my door to their door.

I love the new MacBooks. They reek of quality. The solid construction is amazing. The ports on the sides are so clean. The screen - well, it's cool, but that wasn't the most impressive thing to me. I loved the tiny speaker holes and power button! (The speaker holes are on the MacBook Pro.)

The speed of the 2.4 ghz models was noticeably faster than my 2.16 ghz model, which is about 18 months old. (The new ones are running a different CPU chipset, as well as substantially improved graphics chipsets.)

Why did I put this weird photo of the store's facade? Apple has a "no camera policy" for the inside of their store. The only cameras allowed are the ones they sell. And even if you bought one there, you couldn't take a picture with it inside the store.


richies said...

I don't understand companies no cameras policy. I was taking a picture of my granddaughter in Whole Foods, and some kid came and threatened to confiscate my camera. One time I took a group of kids from church to CiCi's Pizza for a party and was videoing them. The manager came over and told me that wasn't allowed. What are these people afraid of?

incognito said...

mac stuff .... drool...

I really, really want an iPhone. But I have to wait, due to budget reasons. But eventually I will find an excuse to get one.

Sorry for the semi-anonymous entry, I never leave my real name online anymore. But I live in Vancouver, and am a fellow designer, this will tell you who I am!

reanaclaire said...

hi Paul..thanks for coming by my blog to comment.. how did u manage to wander over to my side, i wonder?
*smile* anyway, do drop more often and keep in touch..thanks..
God bless..