Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another little big guy

tattered coverindependent bookstoreTattered Cover is an independent bookstore chain in Denver. They have three locations. I happened to buy something there the other day, because it was convenient (and on my way to another business I had to visit).

I noticed the poster here, stuck on the back of one of the cash register monitors.

I just don't buy all the lines about how it is more righteous to buy things from an independent. Some are true - but not all. When you go to Starbucks or Office Depot, you are helping the people who work there to keep their jobs, too.

There's a feeling that if you shop at an independent store, you are helping the little guy. That is true when you visit the little mountain town coffee shop rather than the Starbucks on the interstate. But I'd wager that Mr. or Ms. Tattered Cover President lives in a bigger house than you do.

Having said all that, I do avoid WalMart whenever possible.


Courtney Orrange said...

we've FINALLY stopped going to walmart. We used to do all our grocery shopping there b/c it is cheaper... but we finally said we don't want to support them. Have you ever watched the documentary about walmart? We haven't but want to.

Courtney Orrange said...
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Paul Merrill said...

Haven't seen the WalMart movie. I bet it's interesting!

Having said that, I know that there are some higher-ups who are part of the Walton family who have given a lot to some very worthy causes.