Monday, October 13, 2008

Point A to Point B

porsche cabrioletIt was a beautiful sunny afternoon last week, driving down University Boulevard.

I was going to the university to get some books for a paper I'm working on. (I'm in a master's degree program - a lot of added work on my plate, even though I'm just taking one class.)

So in front of me I see a new Porsche 911 convertible humming along. Slowly. $103,000. Then I think of how the chariot I'm driving is worth approximately 1/103 as much.

Three miles later, we both got to the intersection where I turned at roughly the same time. In fact, I arrived about a minute earlier. The function of both cars was achieved. Transportation.

That's the point, isn't it?

By the way, I say this not as a self-righteous thing (like how much better I am because I drive a humble car) - but rather I want to remind myself and you that the thing we already have may do the job just fine! We don't necessarily need the new, fast, shiny thing that we want so much.

Photo courtesy of the Porsche USA website.

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Paul Morriss said...

When I used to cycle to work I would pass Porsches stuck in traffic. Smugly.