Thursday, October 23, 2008

Suggestion: clear its little head

I saw this one day, while I was working away using my Mac. (The menu at the top was not for the application that I was running!)

My Mac was just not a happy camper.

So yes, a reboot cleared its little head of all the woes it was pondering.

Another idea came to me from Macworld. If you are a Mac owner, go to Library > Caches. Select the entire contents of that folder and trash it. Restart.

Before doing this, I'd quit every program that is running. I have done it several times without any problems. However... Warning: Don't try this suggestion at home. (In other words, don't blame me if you have any resulting problems!) I'd recommend that you try it after doing a complete backup with a bootable external disk. For the technically-inclined, that means using a tool like SuperDuper with a Firewire drive.


Rob said...

Wow, a Mac with a problem! Am I in some sort of parallel universe?

Paul Merrill said...

I wish that were not the case...

At least my Mac has about 3x less problems than Heather's Toshiba. And I can't convince her to get a Mac. At least her choice is better for our budget!