Saturday, November 03, 2007

Beauty and truth

I don't normally blog on Saturdays or Sundays. (Well, I do the vast majority of writing for my blog then - but I just don't post then.) But this late afternoon, I was compelled to do this post.

I visited my friend Ed's blog. He asked about beauty vs. truth, and I had to comment.

I do think it's nice to have both in one package. An example of that is Corrie Tin Boom. She wrote The Hiding Place and was a holocaust survivor). I met her when I was a kid. She was a shriveled old lady - not a beauty by normal standards. But the "gold refined by fire" thing applied; Her inner beauty was such that she was a very attractive lady.

For some reason I was thinking of her this week. I'm going to buy that book so we can go through it as a family. It had a big impact on me when I was a kid.

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regressivepresby said...

I had the comic book as a kid, and I vaguely remember going to the movie with my folks when I was quite young- 7 maybe?

The book that impacted me as a kid, was by the other Dutch saint- brother Andrew's God's Smuggler. I think more than I realize.