Friday, November 02, 2007

The haul

Ben got 18 pounds of candy by trick-or-treating.

Yes, we adults now have to deal with the bouncing off the walls.

(And I thought you might appreciate how he organized the candy be types.)

An observation about Halloween since we left (for you non-US people): some people decorate their houses like Christmas. Only the red is exchanged for orange and the green for black. We even saw a halloween tree. (Wish I'd had my camera.)


regressivepresby said...

Man, there's no way we'd let that much candy into our house. #4 would go through it like knife through butter... and we already call him 'Hurricane Jack.' More power to you!

I saw Wed. that Halloween was now a $5bUSD 'holiday.' The avg. amount spent/person went up from $43 in 2002 to $65ish in 2007... Mostly in costumes for adults at parties. Its become the Vegas of 'Holidays'- what goes on at Halloween, stays at Halloween.

I'm not sure what that says about contemporary society... but whatever, it isn't good.

edpugh said...

Yes, It's terrible; the commercialisation of Halloween. People forget the true meaning of bad will to all men.

Halloween like Christmas; rearrange the letters of the word Santa and you get the guy who could bring you presents for being naughty on Halloween.

On a different note, with his sweet organisation it looks like Ben might become a good manager, or door-to-door salesman!

Jenny said...

That is a lot of chocolate and lollies!!

Rob said...

We got paper grocery bags full of candy when I was a kid. Everyone knew everyone and we stayed up till one in the morning going house to house. Then it was a week of trading candy at school. I still have cavities getting filled.