Monday, November 26, 2007

Dead cotton

During our drive down to Dallas for Thanksgiving, we passed through many many square miles of cotton fields. Right about now, it's harvest time. Along the road for miles and miles are cotton balls that have flown out of the open-sided trailers that transport cotton. (I'm not sure why they use those trailers! I'd guess that maybe one pair of jeans could be made out of the lost cotton from any given 10 yards of roadside.)

I was reminded of college days. I graduated from Texas Tech University - in the heart of cotton country. Several trips between my parents' home and Texas Tech meant seeing a lot of wasted jeans by the roadside.

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Rob said...

My wife and I were talking about cotton this morning. I was telling her about the large cotton field that was next to my house when I was growing up. After the harvest, we would go out and build forts and tunnels in the field (must have been several hundred acres). Cotton plants and blossoms have got to be some of the ugliest plants I have ever seen, and it's strange to see a flower as a fabric.

There was always a lot of cotton laying around the field after the harvest too. I'm sure a whole GAP store or two, at least, could have been loaded up with jeans. That was back in the early 60's though.