Monday, November 12, 2007

Of spam and filters

From "Sengorn gilla" subj: "retsniem"...

One of my email accounts doesn't have a very good spam filter.

I'm not sure how hard it would be for a programmer to develop good parameters for a filter to sift out stuff like that. It's amazing that a big company like can't get their act together enough to have a program that thinks like a human enough to figure out that Sengorn gila is not a name in any of the languages that an email sender would use.

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rob said...

Actually, Paul, let's just suppose that hires a very good programmer to make wonderful filter. Immediately, some Mafia outfit with 10 smart guys paid twice what pays go to work, tweaking their automated spam programs until they stop getting bounced. Within a day, if not within the hour, they have the tweak.
Why would someone pay good money to do this, you ask? Because there are really only two good ways to make money on the internet: porn and crime. And both require getting through spam filters.