Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The web has come a long way

I took this screen shot about ten years ago. Both computers and the internet have advanced nicely.

We're still not there with electric cars. (Double-click on the image to see it larger.) It just continues to cost more energy to produce electricity and pump it out to your house or a charging station compared to simple gasoline (petrol) or diesel (better yet, energy-wise). Cleaner? Well, the pollution just gets moved from the tailpipe to the power-generation plant, which is coal-powered (dirty), in much of America, anyhow. If the power comes from hydroelectricity or wind power, an electric car can be cleaner.

Hybrids? That's a different story. Energy recovery through regenerative braking is a great thing. (When I grow up, maybe I'll get a Prius.)

By the way, there is a nice little article in Wikipedia on the car featured here.

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regressivepresby said...

Ok- I'm not surprised that you took this screen shot in 1997. It is fun to look at the retro web browser. 10 yrs is a looooong time in internet yrs.

But, I am fascinated that a) you've kept it and b) you knew where it was to post it!

keep it up bro.