Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bizarre Mac memory problems

This was a new one to me - see the little dots on the window? They are a reflection of the bigger dots - and they shouldn't be there.

Generally my Mac has been a wonderful tool, but occasionally I gotta reboot. No computer is perfect - not even a Mac.

By the way, I have been a Mac user since 1995. I had a two year blight in that during my 2 years in Kenya; my day job required me to use a Windows box. But even then, my home computer was a Mac.

Heather is a firm Windows person. It keeps our life interesting.

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regressivepresby said...

huh... thats weird... does it only happen in Illustrator/adobe or does it happen throughout? I can never figure the memory things out- sometimes safari just hogs it up, causing the cpu to go into overdrive and the really noisey fan to come on... usually when I'm watching some video news thing/you tube on safari-- quicktime or dvd no problem. Its something with streaming....

ah well, if these are the extent of our problems, we live blessed lives indeed. btw, I run a macjanitor sweep and it usually solves the problem.