Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More cynicism

When I was down in Texas last month, I saw these signs as I passed by this church. I had to take pictures for you, my dear readers.

Why is it that this church has to sell Webkinz (whatever they are) to get people to come through there doors? And give away free candy?

Whatever happened to love? Relationships? Maybe that doesn't happen in church buildings much anymore. Or maybe people don't know about it happening inside church buildings.

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Julie Layne said...

Wow, can I just say this makes me so proud to be a Texan? HA!

They're not all like this, I promise, but I am dismayed at the cookie cutter offerings even in our much smaller churches many times.

Webkinz at church ... Wow, wow, wow.

My daughters have earned their own money to buy a few of these little guys. They're just stuffed animals, but they come with a code and you can go online and build little worlds for them. When I looked a little closer, I decided they're actually kind of cool because the game teaches a little math and money and household management. They have to do certain things to earn money to furnish the rooms of their houses, and can trade and sell things, and feed and bathe those little web critters. Virtual responsibility, but hey, it's something. (And dangit, they're better about their virtual responsibilities than their real-life chores sometimes! Arrgh.)

I'll hear the girls talk about trading things, or they'll team up to have enough to get a new rug, or whatever, and while it cracks me up, it makes me much happier than, say, watching pre-teen girls sing and dance along to Fergilicious, even if she IS tasty with an E-Y.

Oh, wait. They must be selling CHRISTIAN webkinz! Kind of like the "Christian birdhouse kits" another blogger discovered at Mardel.

That makes me feel so much better! ;-)