Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Candy vs. Crown

Candy won.

Yes, Heather made some delicious anise candy to give as Christmas gifts to some of our neighbors. And our family benefited too by enjoying some of the candy.

The problem was that my crown could not withstand the forces of said candy attempting to extract itself from my teeth. Alas.

Problem two was that the incident happened on Saturday afternoon of the long holiday weekend. So as I write this, the repair has not yet happened. (Almost every dentist I could find was closed on Monday, Christmas eve.)


Update: the dentist put the crown back on for free - but he revealed two cavities - one on the crowned tooth, which was hidden till the crown came off! So the crown coming off was a strange blessing. But the bill for the two cavities being fixed won't be much fun.

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Dave Moody said...

Oh Man... I am so sorry. That stinks.