Monday, December 10, 2007

I love winter!

Maybe that's because our last two winters were in equatorial Africa - where December and January are the hottest months. The contrast this year is nice.

So Saturday morning (when I wrote this and took the pic) I walked to our nearby post office to mail Christmas presents to my brother in San Antonio and my sister and her family in Belgium. The feel of the cold nipping at my face was refreshing. The quiet that a light coat of snow adds to the outdoors is wonderful. Walking out in all that allowed me to truly experience the cold like no other way.

And yes, I'm thankful that I'm not homeless in Denver this winter.


Orrange said...

i LOVE winter too!!! Brent and I were just given a 4 day vacation in steamboat for the end of february... I CAN'T WAIT TO HIT THE SLOPES!!! we've been playing i the snow outside as much as possible.

Julie Layne said...

Were you homeless in Denver LAST winter? ;-)

Rob said...

With any luck we're going to have some snow here! They say so, so I hope they ain't wrong this time.