Thursday, December 20, 2007

Remember AOL?

I think broadband killed them. Or lots of bad decisions by the big people at the top.

Another possibility is the huge amount they spent in sending people diskettes and later CDs, with their bloated install files.

And the passwords - they always cracked me up!

Now I know - AOL is not dead yet. Some of my friends still use AOL addresses for their email. But my point is this: they are a slim shadow of the giant they once were.


The Lone Beader said...

I never used AOL once.

Marti said...

Yes, I guess its days are over.

But they have gone down fighting (and not fighting clean, I'd say).

I used AOL as my backup connection source for a long time. Network down at the office? Try dial-up... but I didn't use it very often, so I canceled my account and got a screen name on my house-mate's AOL account. Finally we canceled that as well. Both times, AOL, perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, fought tooth-and-nail against the cancellation. It must have taken me 20 minutes to convince the guy on the phone (the only way one could cancel, apparently) that there was nothing he could do to get me to keep the account.

Reminded me of the email/fax service I once purchased for one-time use, when there didn't seem any other option. Of course we had a fax machine at work, and I had no need of this service on an ongoing basis, but the company couldn't accept that. They vainly tried offering me free months of a service I had no need for rather than give my money back or canceling my 'subscription.'

AOL still came pre-installed on my new machine, bought within the last year, but I will not let it get me.