Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A proud Dad


This is the response card from a church we visited in Grapevine, Texas, over the Thanksgiving break. My six-year old daughter Rachel filled out the card. I'm glad she didn't turn it in, not because it would have confused the card-reading department, but because then I wouldn't have seen it!

Rachel hasn't learned to do cursive writing yet, but she has learned how to fill out a form! If you click on the picture, you can see the glorious detail.

By the way, that church was really interesting - unlike any I have ever visited. It was more like a rock concert than a church service. The production was slicker than some TV shows I've seen. And the service - or one of the three each weekend - is broadcast live on just about every Christian cable TV channel you can get. (We can't get; we don't have cable.)

Anyhow, it was very ego-driven; the pastor's photo was on the cover of just about every book in the bookstore. And you can see from the website that he wants to be in your face, from the fact that his face is on many of the site's pages. I was amused to note that his age is not part of his bio information. (Look? 40. Actual? 55, I'd guess.)

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Julie Layne said...

Yep, FC is a bit of a circus, in my very humble opinion. It does work for lots of people apparently, though, and I don't think I've ever heard a bad thing about Ed Young. Seems like he's the older brother of one of the Caedmon's Call band members.

Coincidentally, our interim music guy just left to lead worship at FC's Ft. Worth Alliance satellite, so I'm glad to see they are personalizing their "distance worship" sites that way, at least.

I get overwhelmed just by the programming and 400 or so folks at our church. :-)