Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What once held value... now rubbish.

Madison lost her cell phone.

I found this little battery cover by the side of the road. The shiny aspect caught my eye, as I was riding my bike somewhere. So I picked it up to share it with you.

The shiny bit is from the popular Razr model - which in Kenya was going for about $300 when we left there. Hard to think of a $300 phone lying in pieces on the side of the road. (And yes, I know that they are given away here in the States - as part of a cell phone subscription package.)

I'd guess that maybe Madison's daddy was unhappy when she told him the fate of her Razr.


The Lone Beader said...

Yea. Mobile technology is such a scam. That fact that they ever charged that much for a phone is ridiculous... Which is why I'm not buying that iphone I really want right now... *sigh*

Rich said...

Just to pick up on the "Madison" thing...
I've noticed that every girl's soccer team in my area has at least one player with that name.

How improbable is it that there are now millions of girls named after a mermaid who was named after a street that was named after our fourth president?

eclexia said...

I was given this same phone by my friend (a doctor's wife) who couldn't stand it. It was then stolen from my car, where I left it to charge overnight, foolishly having left the doors unlocked. The next day, my Buddhist neighbor, who usually leaves his pickup windows down told him that recently, something in his spirit told him to lock the truck. I asked God how come He didn't tell me to lock my door when Buddha was making that suggestion to my neighbor. He didn't answer me directly, but I'm guessing that since I don't listen to my friends who tell me to lock my car doors, God figured I probably wouldn't be listening for any prompting from Him on the matter?

Anyway, this photo made me a little sad for the free pink Razr I had for a short while.