Thursday, December 06, 2007

Elections are coming... Kenya.

For the very best written description of Kibera, Kenya's largest slum, go here. It's from an outsider (a British expat) - but it's pretty accurate, at least from my American expat eyes.

If you read the whole post, you can see several prayer points, even though I think the author is not a person who believes in prayer. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Ms Expat Wife.)

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Maria said...

I like that: "Ms Expat Wife" ;-) I also refer to her that way in my mind. Though I can almost guess who she is by what she writes. She is pretty open in what she writes, which is great. It's almost like she's a next door neighbor, if you are living in Nairobi. It feels like someday I might just stumble across her in Nakumatt and simply know that she's the one. ;-)